The unique Bass and Lead Synth Plugin

Powerful sound and a smart morphing feature — perfectly suited for live performances, jam sessions, and studio productions.


Download Monique Demo

Note: periodical returning noise is a restriction of the demo version and not a malfunction!

Direct Downloads:

>> Monique 1.1.0 for Windows
>> Monique 1.1.0 for Mac OS X
>> Monique 1.1.0 for Linux

Need some help? Excellent tutorial videos you can find at the Monoplugs Magazine:
>> How This Synthesizer Works - Video Tutorial Series.

Have fun with Monique!

User Interface of Monique the VST bass synthesizer plugin

Cool Sound with cool Controls — not just another Synth!

Monique can be a peaceful girl, but her real power is aggressive leads and deep bold basses.

Be Different

The inherent character of Monique will make your tunes just sound unique

Powerful Bass

More than twenty filters working hard to generate Monique's unique powerful bass.

Puristic Interface

Monique feels fine with ten finger touch or mouse control - no fake wood veneer needed.

Plugin and Standalone

Available for Mac OS X, Windows, and Linux as Standalone, VST, VST3 and AudioUnit (AU) plugin.

Highlights of Monique

It has has an exceptional morphing feature and a unique sound.

Her unique Morphing Feature

Incredibly Flexible — designed for live performance, jamming, and studio recording.

  • Up to 8 different programs in one — mix it like a DJ
  • Evolve the sound and keep the root to find the way back
  • Automate each group of parameters by an own LFO

An extensive Sound Engine

A bunch of routing options let you feel free.

  • 3x Morphable oscillators are free routable through 3x3 filter tracks
  • 4x distortions destroying the signal to get her distinctive roughness
  • A loop effect, a delay, a chorus, and a reverb refine the sound

Synthesizer Gear Overview

Monique is a feature rich synthesizer - packed with all the cool stuff you need.

User Interface of Monique the VST bass synthesizer plugin
User Interface of Monique the VST bass synthesizer plugin

4 Morphing Groups

  • a oscillator, a filter, a FX/EQ and an arpeggiator group
  • 4 LFO to automate each group
  • 2 data sources per group
  • load each available program to one of the group-sources


  • 3 oscillators
  • 1 FM oscillator

UI, Remote

  • free resizeable
  • 10 finger touch compatible
  • full customizable colors
  • MIDI remote controller support
  • adjustable slider sensitivity


  • visualize the output of each modul
  • scalable from a few ms up to one second


  • 16 steps with adjustable tune and velocity
  • flexible note and velocity glide time
  • smart shuffle and a quick step arranger


  • VST, VST3, AU, Standalone
  • Windows XP+, Mac 10.6+ or Linux
  • 2x MIDI In, 2x MIDI Out
  • recommended: 2GHz+ CPU

Stereo Effects

  • resonant 7 band equalizer
  • powerful distortion
  • delay with adjustable reflection size
  • reverb with adjustable width and room size
  • 5 delay line chorus effect

3x3 Filter

  • free oscillator routing trough each filter
  • free filter routing, parallel and series connection at the same time
  • an LFO and one envelope per filter
  • one distortion and one stereo panorama effect per filter

Tracks created with this Synthesizer

Don't just believe what we say. Hear it for yourself.

The Final Hour


Heartbeat Away

Lets Go!

My Second Drink


Now You Know Me

Wake Up

Fair Trade - test first and buy whenever you like

Monique comes in a Demo version that you can test indefinitely!

Demo Version

  • Test all synth features
  • Limit: periodical returning noise
  • Limit: No skinning support


Free Download

Pro Version

  • Everything In Demo, Including:
  • Free lifetime support
  • No periodical noise
  • Full skinning support
  • Get new free preset- & skin download notifications


Buy Now

Download Monique Demo.

  • Monique is a beast! I like how tight the low end of this synthesizer sound. It gives you an analog feeling in a digital world!
    Musician Nilson

    Nilson / Nilson Music

  • [...] Monique helps me create the chaos in which I need to find the right sound.
    Musician Leon Riskin

    Leon Riskin / Ionics Music

  • Mono Synthesizer...Bass Synthesizer...and much more! I love the UI [...] Try the demo!
    Musician Scott G

    Scott G / Abstractcats